Where You Left Off by Caitlynne Curtis

Tribute Song: Caitlynne Curtis recently released "Where You Left Off," a Father’s Day tribute to her dad, expressing gratitude for him prioritising family over his dreams. 

– Early Musical Talent: Caitlynne, a Nashville native, displayed musical talent at age 6. She is now a single mother, chasing her dreams in music while raising her 8-year-old son.

– Career Shift: After briefly working in car sales for stability, Caitlynne returned to her music career, finding success and collaborations with Struggle Jennings.

– Collaboration with Struggle Jennings: Caitlynne's professional journey includes successful collaborations with Struggle Jennings, whom she met through social media.

– Country Debut: "Where You Left Off" marks Caitlynne's debut in the country genre, signifying a turning point in her musical career.

– Backroad Baptism Tour: Caitlynne Curtis is set to join Struggle Jennings on the Backroad Baptism tour, opening for Jelly Roll and expanding her reach in the music industry.

– Upcoming Album: Caitlynne is working on a new album, with 11 songs in progress. She plans to release more singles until the album is complete.

– Tour Updates on Instagram: Tour dates and updates can be found on Caitlynne's Instagram page, providing fans with information on her upcoming performances.

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