Ranking NFL Head Coach Vacancies: How Do The Chargers Compare?

The NFL will see at least eight head coaching changes before the start of the 2024 season. One of those slots has already been filled, with the New England

With so many qualified head coaching candidates available, including Jim Harbaugh, Bill Belichick, Ben Johnson, Aaron Glenn, and others, the question is which location is most appealing. How do the Chargers stack .

The Atlanta Falcons.The Falcons earn the top place because they are only one quarterback away from being legitimate postseason contenders. While the quarterback is a key missing piece, the rest of the Falcons' roster is packed of talented players.

 Offensively, they include running backs Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allegeier, as well as receivers Drake London and Kyle Pitts. Defensively, the Falcons ranked 11th overall in 2023 and eighth in passing yards allowed per game. 

 It's not everything, as evidenced by all of the backups playing this season, but it sure makes life simpler for a new coach who knows they don't have to find one.

The Chargers are only ranked second because they have roster difficulties. LA's defense has frequently failed to live up to the salaries of some of the league's best players, and the new coach and/or general manager will undoubtedly have to work to either reorganize and rebuild this squad or utilize their current talent.

Aside from that, the Chargers don't rank as high because they play in the AFC West. While Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs did not appear as fearsome as usual this year, they have maintained dominance of the division for years, which is difficult to overcome.

The Seahawks are third because they have a strong organization that has seen a lot of success over the last decade. While much of this was due to former coach Pete Carroll and players who have since moved on, they still have a number of excellent players, like D.K. Metcalf.

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