Top 6 Zodiac Signs Men Love Annoying Their Partner

Astrology assigns personality attributes to zodiac signs. Some zodiac signs are good at fun teasing and may enjoy aggravating their mates.  

Based on their features and astrological preferences, here are the top six zodiac signs of men who would like to playfully bother their relationships.

Gemini males are naughty. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules them. Gemini males tease their lovers to keep things interesting. They do so to amuse, not harm.


Sagittarius males are free-spirited. Even in relationships, they like pushing limits. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rules them. Sagittarius guys are good-natured and like companions who can laugh with them.


Assertive Aries guys are energetic. To keep things interesting, Mars, the planet of action, may like teasing. Aries guys like to challenge their lovers and keep the romance alive with pleasant banter.


Leo males are self-assured and like the spotlight. Sun-ruled, they may playfully taunt their mates to get attention and affection. Leo males enjoy to laugh and may use comedy to communicate with loved ones.


Aquarius guys are creative and self-reliant. Uranus, the planet of originality, rules their sense of humor. They may like shocking their companions with unexpected jokes or pranks. Aquarius guys may add eccentricity to their relationships without meaning to irritate.


Capricorn guys are ambitious, practical, and sardonic. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, rules them. Despite their stern demeanor, Capricorn guys are funny.



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