Top 2023–2024 SUV Gas Mileage

SUV Popularity: SUVs are popular due to safety and functionality, but fuel efficiency is a top concern. 

Evolution in Efficiency: SUVs have overcome their gas-guzzling reputation, thanks to improved drivetrain technology, designs, and production methods. 

Hybrid Advancements: The rise of hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains has significantly contributed to the improved fuel efficiency of SUVs. 

Diverse Options: Popular SUV models, from compact crossovers like the Toyota RAV4 to subcompact options like the Kia Niro, offer various powertrain configurations, including conventional, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid. 

Quantum Leap: SUVs now rival or surpass the fuel efficiency of compact cars from just a few years ago. 

Model Variety: Whether you seek a subcompact crossover or a three-row family hauler like the Toyota Highlander, there are efficient SUV options for every need. 

Dynamic Market: Scores on SUV fuel efficiency are constantly updated as new expert reviews and data become available, reflecting the dynamic nature of the market. 

– Note on Scores: It's essential to check for the latest scores on reviews, as they may differ from the information presented here due to ongoing updates in expert assessments and data.


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