Top 2023 Video Games It might be a famous gaming year.

The next few years are set to be major for the gaming industry  

A perfect evolution of the web-slinging bedlam of the mid-2000s licensed tie-ins to the Tobey Maguire films   

There is no shortage of video games eager to ape the Dark Souls formula, but Lies of P is the only one headstrong enough to transport the tough-as-nails swordplay system   

In the ’90s, the Resident Evil series was built around primitive controls, tedious backtracking, and mind-numbingly baroque puzzle-solving.   

The microbial world of Pikmin has always taken a back seat to Nintendo’s illustrious pantheon of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid   

Pizza Tower replaces Wario with a madcap pizza chef lost in a garish, hand-scrawled, Ren & Stimpy–esque universe.   

System Shock is one of the most important video games of all time. It arrived in 1994, during the zenith of the first-person-shooter boom   

Nintendo has totally reinvented Zelda twice in six years, and both times it wound up with a new classic.   

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