Top 10 Stupidest Breeds Of Dog

He's smart enough to finish, but he's unmotivated. We'll presume this obstinate dog knows what you want him to do but won't do it because he doesn't respect you. 

1. Basset Hound

He's smart enough to finish the job; he simply doesn't want to. We'll presume this disobedient dog knows what you're asking him to do but refuses to do it because he doesn't respect you and doesn't want to obey you.

2. Mastiff

Another nose-is-it obstinate person. Since he does whatever he wants, this laid-back dog is famously hard to train. He'll be a terrific addition to the family, but be patient since he'll be focused on that smell.

3. Beagle

"Little dog syndrome" partially explains this fat pooch's big personality. Aggressive, belligerent, disorder-loving. This rule-breaker can make anyone eat out of his little paw.

4. Pekingese

This unhappy dog prefers discovering wicked people to playing catch, rolling over, or doing tricks for food. Its schnozzola includes over 230 million smell sensors that can trace a scent for kilometers. 

5. Bloodhound

This dog is too busy climbing the ranks to learn silly tricks. Yes, this would-be alpha dog is obstinate and ambitious, and he won't play kindly or at all unless you're a strong pack leader he respects.

6. Chow Chow

He's so nice and tidy that some think he's more like a cat than a dog. Thus, like a cat, he fights the impulse to emulate his classmates' people-pleasing style.

7. Borzoi

This gentle giant works slowly. Agility, dock diving, and smell tracking will never be his strengths. His sincerity and commitment to your enjoyment make up for his lack of street smarts.

8. Bulldog

Do deep oceans only occur in quiet water? Despite not barking, this dog is continually digesting information. However, he is not.

9. Basenji

She's smart and pretty, but she's a diva who won't learn unless you're kind. This dog is neurotic and needs emotional support.

10. Afghan Hound

Salad with Greek Chicken and Bread 

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