The Most Affordable Lease Deals for SUVs in January 2024

January offers excellent SUV lease deals, providing an opportunity for a new vehicle while staying within your budget. 

Leasing is a cost-effective alternative to buying, as monthly payments are typically lower than financing options. 

Fixed monthly payments in leases are advantageous, often covering depreciation, resulting in budget-friendly terms. 

– Most lease terms coincide with the SUV's warranty, ensuring coverage for the duration of the lease period.

Automakers are promoting low monthly payments, starting as low as $229, making SUV leases affordable this month. 

Down payments for these SUV leases are reasonable, with some deals requiring as little as approximately $2,549 upfront. 

– The focus is on highly ranked crossover SUVs, combining quality and affordability in the leasing market.

Act now to take advantage of these January deals, securing a new SUV with favourable terms for your budget. 


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