The Astrological Sign of Your Cat and What It Reveals About Them

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Your powerful feline was born under the cardinal fire sign, the zodiac's first. It's the zodiac's "youngest" because it's the first.


Taurus cats are gentle. Venus, the beauty-loving planet that rules Taureans, makes them independent and laid-back. 


Your gregarious, outspoken cat is a Gemini, controlled by Mercury. Once your cat finds their voice, they'll tell you how they feel and what they want with chirps, chatters, and many meows.


Your beautiful cat, a Cancerian, is likely a Velcro cat. Cancers are compassionate, perceptive, and love cuddling, therefore your cat probably loves sleeping with you. 


Your outgoing Leo cat likes attention. They'll like the spotlight like JLo or Kylie Jenner (both Leo girls, of course), whether you take a TikTok of them playing or visitors pay attention to them.


Your loving, Virgo-born cat definitely enjoys helping you, even if it's simply by hanging around with you while you cook, clean, or do other chores. 


Libra cats are social butterflies. Libras—and their cats—are beautiful and lovable since Venus is the planet of beauty. 


Your Scorpio cat is fascinating, intriguing, and distant. Scorpions, co-ruled by Mars, the planet of action, and Pluto, the planet of force, are intense, thus your cat may surprise people with its beauty. 

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