Randy Travis backs Jason Aldean after 'Try That in a Small Town' controversy.

Even though Jason Aldean continues to receive criticism for his "Try That in a Small Town" music video, he now has a legendary figure in country music supporting him.

Randy Travis and his spouse, Mary, had an interview with Fox News Digital before to the Oct. 24 "Heroes and Friends" memorial event held in his honor.

They discussed the song that's presently number one on the Billboard Hot 100 throughout the meeting, saying they completely agree with Aldean's message even though some people find it problematic.

Mary, who represents Randy following the singer's significant stroke in 2013 that has left him with limited speech, said, "You know, our first thought was, we live in a little town, when we heard the song and saw the video.

We have the same emotions. And since we genuinely want to defend our nation, we want the rest of the world to share that sentiment."

She said, "There are some things that have gone sideways," to which Randy nodded in agreement. 

Furthermore, it's not ethnic or any of those things. It's just our nation's goals and the foundational elements of our nation. Why is it so difficult for us to accept that we will defend ourselves? 

That's what we do, after all, with our military forces. We live like that with our family. What would you do if someone burst through your front door and threatened your wife or kids?"

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