Randy Travis’ Long Recoveries

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Storms of Life, the 1986 album that sold 4 million copies and sparked the neo-traditionalist trend in contemporary country music.

Randy Travis filmed a small-scale acoustic performance in 2011. 

Nobody could have predicted the film would end up being "the last live recording we did," according to Travis's longtime producer, Kyle Lehning.

However, in 2013, while the video was being edited for a potential release (which never materialized), Travis was hospitalized in the Dallas region due to problems stemming from viral cardiomyopathy. 

He had a severe stroke that left him in need of brain surgery and prevented him from performing and playing the guitar. 

It also restricted what he could say. Physicians estimated his wife Mary's chances of survival to be only 1 or 2 percent.

But now, eleven years later, a brand-new documentary honoring the 63-year-old singer's life is based on that film. 

Randy Travis: More Life weaves together the remaining details of the story, including his numerous near-death medical experiences, extensive recovery (including stem cell injections, neuro-acupuncture, and hyperbaric chamber therapy), and retirement to his ranch in Tioga, Texas. 

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