One of Mercedes' best cars was this old, ugly one.

When I say “Mercedes,” you probably think of a Platonic ideal. I can't go inside, but it's presumably a boxy sedan that looks like the 1985–1995 Mercedes-Benz W124, the E-Class's predecessor.

Mercedes produced almost 2.7 million W124s, which were neither sporty nor frightening. Even though Radwood-era nostalgia is overwhelming, car aficionados admire the W124 but don't value it. It's still affordable on Bring a Trailer if it's not the Porsche-built E500.

However, this most generic and omnipresent Mercedes-Benz is one of the best the German brand has ever manufactured.The early 1980s were different for Mercedes. 

BMW, Audi, and Lexus were not premium competitors. Mercedes cars had a longer lifespan than most new cars, and customers spent a lot for them—a 1986 Mercedes 300E cost over $80,000.

Mercedes had the luxury to dedicate their engineers to creating the perfect sedan, the W124. they did. As tough as a Toyota, it was Mercedes' flexible jackknife and the foundation for some of its most iconic performance automobiles.

 Nothing like it has been made by Mercedes since.Top Gear sought to kill a Toyota Hilux, whereas Fifth Gear tried to murder an old W124 Mercedes 300 TE wagon.

After flooding, an artillery shell hit the rear door, but the front entrance was mostly unharmed. The host planted explosives in the engine bay for a final goodbye.

Although the hull was scorched, the explosion only destroyed the electrical components. The automobile could have been revived.


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