NYT Letter: Francis Ford Coppola Attacks Trump.

Francis Ford Coppola is among Donald Trump's notable supporters, according to a recent New York Times piece titled "Trump-Size Idea for a New President: Build Something Inspiring." 

which suggested some measures the president could take to bring the nation together.  

The filmmaker of "Godfather" used the occasion to subtly criticize Trump in a letter to the editor in which he expressed exactly that. 

"A new power grid for the country is one essential example that was missing from this article, which I thought was extremely interesting and relevant," the brief note begins.  

"Since current renewable energy sources rely on sporadic weather (wind for turbines, sunlight for solar panels), a creative new grid could store energy for brief periods of time and make it available anytime and anywhere needed." 

Regarding that jab, well, Coppola calls this proposed electricity grid "a challenge we are capable of meeting with America's technical ingenuity" as he closes his letter.  

Maybe an immigrant like Nikola Tesla may contribute to the solution. 

To prevent us from confusing him with another Francis Ford Coppola, the New York Times helpfully notes that "the writer is the film director, screenwriter, and producer." Click this link to view the entire page. 

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