New report: SUVs, Ford F-series, Toyotas are 2023's best-selling US automobiles 

– AAA Foundation reports U.S. drivers spend 61.3 mins daily behind the wheel, totaling 15.5 days a year.

Diverse preferences among American drivers for powerful pickups, practical SUVs, and sporty sedans. 

Top 10 best selling cars in 2023 show SUVs constitute half, emphasising a national preference for comfort and cargo space. 

Bestselling cars based on direct sales of new vehicles, not considering used cars. 

– New car sales trends in 2023 provide insights into what American drivers value.

SUVs dominate sales trends, while top sedans feature spacious interiors. 

Data sourced from GoodCarBadCar, consolidating sales data directly from manufacturers. 

Insurify's data scientists analysed over 90 million quotes to calculate average monthly car insurance rates for the bestselling models. 

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