Ja Morant's friend arrested for assaulting adolescent in NBA star's home.

Ja Morant's "brother," a friend of the NBA star, was arrested for assault with bodily harm after a July 2022 incident in which a youngster sued the All-Star guard and Davonte Pack for punching him.

After nine days, Pack was booked into the Shelby County Jail.

After hard passes to check the ball in during a pickup basketball game at Morant's house, the two battled. Morant got smacked by the boy's return pass.

Pack said he had "no reason" to punch the then-17-year-old in a deposition. After the scuffle, the youngster told Morant he would "light this place up like fireworks."

Morant filed a police report over the boy's comment, claiming familial threats. According to the adolescent, Morant returned with a gun, although Morant denied that.

"The teen lied to the police about Morant brandishing a weapon and that the key details of the once-sealed case were leaked to the media in violation of a court order," Morant's countersuit alleged.

According to the Washington Post, Morant admits he "swung first" but said he did so in self-defense because the child had become the aggressor by throwing a basketball at his head and dropping his pants to "want to fight."

After the claims, Morant recorded himself in a nightclub with a gun and was suspended for eight games (he missed nine while in treatment).

A similar occurrence resulted in a 25-game penalty that will commence in 2023-24. Pack was banned from FedEx Forum for a year following a fight with Indiana Pacers players.


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