Ja Morant of the Grizzlies has been banned for 25 games by the NBA.

Friday saw the NBA punish Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant for 25 games to start the 2023-24 season for league-damaging behaviour.

The Grizzlies suspended Morant from team activities on May 14 after a social media video showed the All-Star brandishing a handgun.

In March, Morant was spotted on Instagram Live clutching a firearm at a Denver club while intoxicated, prompting an eight-game NBA suspension. 

 "Ja's behavior could influence other youth. We feel a 25-game suspension is appropriate and makes clear that dangerous and irresponsible gun activity will not be tolerated."

I'm improving my mental health and decision-making during the offseason and suspension. Training will also prepare me for my return to the court.

 I'm sad I won't be with you at the start of the season, but I know my teammates will. I hope you'll give me time to show you I'm a better man than what I've shown you."

Silver announced the suspension after the NBA Finals because he didn't want to detract from the championship series.

The NBA said Friday that Morant "wielded the firearm while knowing that he was being recorded... despite having made commitments to the NBA and public statements that he would not repeat the conduct for which he was previously disciplined."


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