Horoscope for today: July 17, 2023

A wise woman once observed, “You don’t stop dancing because you grow old. Stopping dancing ages you.” As you celebrate the new moon with your coven kings and queens, Aries, remember this. 


What if the Universe gave you a blank canvas right now? What if this was your chance to paint your life with the brightest and boldest colors? Taurus, dream a little and get ready to work to create the reality you and others want. 


Vipassana involves looking inward. Observation skills. The art of neutrally observing monkey mind swings. Gemini, witness. 


Cancer, what's impossible? Of course, boo! Your new moon reminds you to follow your bliss! To dedicate yourself to your inner fire, even if you're the only one who believes in this heavenly vision and purpose. Use your journal or diary this week. 


Love takes many forms. Forget the labels. Recognize everyone you meet as a brilliant being of light, a Buddha in blue jeans, or the Divine living human life. Wild one, let love and thankfulness fill your heart as you scatter kindness like confetti. 


Divine plan is flawless! Virgo, you knew that. Watch today. neutrally observe your inner and outer worlds. 


Libra, a calm mind is your best asset. You're calmly deciding. You can see the big picture and work hard to grow. This growth is not yours. 


Witches, wizards, alchemists, astrologers, and other magic users think the new moon, which marks the start of a new cycle, is the ideal moment to sow new seeds. 



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