Check your teenager's activities as per their zodiac sign 

Mars in Aries influences children who are natural leaders and enjoy the physical activity (something you've likely caught on to by now). A team with a captain or individual sports are great options for your charging ram.


Taurus children, influenced by Venus, are budding artists. Taureans enjoy art classes and weekend trips to museums, and may thrive in a visual arts class. Money and collecting things are also practical for Taurus children.


Gemini parents won't be surprised to learn their child loves to talk and be social. Mercury rules Gemini, so encourage your kid to tap into this strength by joining the school radio station or TV broadcast.


Cancer is one of the most sensitive and emotional signs. Empathy can be developed by distributing meals at school. Decorating the classroom may be enjoyable to shemit crabs.


The Leo zodiac rules the sun, the center of our solar system. Leo children are creative and born for the spotlight. Drama club, a talent show, or student council are great ways to get your Leo's attention.


Children in Virgo want to help others and feel needed. You can encourage your Virgo to volunteer. A Virgo's analytical and meticulous nature enables them to solve puzzles and play chess.


Libra children enjoy group projects and study partners. As diplomats, Libras can see an issue from multiple perspectives, which would be useful in debate clubs, Model UN, or peer counselling.


A Scorpio child's focus and willpower is best expressed through competitive sports. Your child may benefit from joining a two-a-day athletic club (anyone?) or a full-contact sport.


A Sagittarius kid has a thirst for knowledge and an open mind. Taking a younger student under their wing will be a sure confidence boost for your child, as they may have a natural knack for mentoring or coaching others.


Capricorn children thrive under hierarchy and are ambitious. Your Capricorn child will thrive in clubs and activities that allow them to exercise leadership and managerial skills.


As a result of Uranus' quirky orbit (the only planet that revolves on its side), Aquarians are born activists. Aquarius kids are great at starting eco clubs and lobbying the government for change, whether it's at school or at home.


Pisces, ruled by Neptune, would find joy in playing an instrument, joining a photography club, or developing their talent for creative writing through poetry or short stories.



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