CAR FRIEND Inbetweeners' classic Fiat imitation with one red door is cheap.

A REPLICA of the classic Fiat used in hit E4 sitcom The Inbetweeners, complete with a single red door, has gone up for sale at a discount price.

The original automobile made appearances in the medical drama Casualty and the cult series that followed four teenagers as they navigated the journey from childhood to adulthood.

The main character Simon Cooper used the Cinquecento model grudgingly until it was unintentionally rolled into a lake in the last episode of the show. It was depicted as a made-up "Hawaii" special version.

To his dismay, Simon (played by Joe Thomas) was given the despised engine by his well-meaning parents.

It was originally painted a brilliant yellow color throughout, but after James Buckley's character Jay Cartwright unintentionally tore it off while visiting Thorpe Park, a red door was added.

Throughout the series, the car was involved in several pivotal plot events, such as being ridiculed by Tara's parents, Simon's girlfriend, and serving as the location of an impulsive and disorderly meeting between Neil, another significant character, and an anonymous girl.

Then, in 2018, Michelle Fox's character from Casualty drove the identical car, which she came to refer to as Betty.

A megafan of Inbetweeners is currently asking just £650 for a replica of the iconic Cinequecento. According to Somerset resident Will Bevan, it's a "good running car that starts every time". He acknowledges that there are a few variations from the original, though.

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