As of 2023, the electric vehicles with the longest ranges have been listed.

California-based elLucid Motors has the longest electric vehicle range in 2023. The EPA claims its top-of-the-line Air car has the longest range of any electric vehicle. Longest-range electric automobiles are ranked.

1. 2023 Lucid Air: 516 Mile

The Tesla Model S is a vehicle that combines a wonderful range, a great lot of practicality, and a performance that is just astounding. It comes in a package that is both appealing and pricey. 

2. 2023 Tesla Model S: 405 Mile

The distinctive swept-back design of the Hyundai Ioniq 6 sedan, which is scheduled to release for the 2023 model year, is one of the vehicle's defining characteristics.

3. 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6: 361 Mile

If you are interested in maximizing your driving range while also reducing the amount of money you spend on electric vehicles, you should give the Tesla Model 3 sedan a significant amount of thought.

4. 2023 Tesla Model 3: 358 Mile

Mercedes-Benz's flagship electric vehicle, the EQS sedan, lives up to its reputation in terms of both its technological capabilities and its sumptuous interior. The EQS sedan is the flagship electric vehicle made by the German automaker. 

5. 2023 Mercedes EQS Sedan: 350 Mile

It's possible that the Model X's vast size and three rows of seating will lead you to believe that it's nothing more than a peaceful electric car that mixes crossovers and minivans. This is a possibility. 

6. 2023 Tesla Model X: 348 Mile

The crossover market is undergoing significant competition as a result of the Model Y's genetic makeup being essentially identical to that of the Model 3, which contributes to the competition. 

7. 2023 Tesla Model Y: 330 Mile

A demonstration of how to produce an electric vehicle that is friendly to the environment as brazen and audacious as its gas-guzzling forefathers is the GMC Hummer EV truck. 

8. 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup: 329 Mile

In the latter part of this model year, Rivian will introduce a new Max Pack for both its R1T electric truck and its R1S SUV lines of vehicles. 

9. 2023 Rivian R1T: 328 Mile


As of 2023, the electric cars with the longest ranges are ranked.