An Alfa Spider owned by an F1 driver and Lady Gaga is available.

Eddie Irvine, a veteran of Formula One racing, is selling his Alfa Romeo, which was formerly owned by Lady Gaga, who has won nine Grammy Awards.

There is no need to look any further than this if you have ever pondered the precise point of vehicular junction between Eddie Irvine.

an Irish former Formula One racer who is 55 years old, and Lady Gaga, a bombastic musical and acting powerhouse who is 34 years old.

A Rosso Metallico 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate that had a total mileage of 53,000 miles and was owned by both of the stars. 

 In addition, if you are interested in adding your name to the quirky list of people who have owned this automobile.

the Spider is currently available for purchase at The Barn, an exotic car dealer located in Southern Florida.

Unexpectedly, the peculiar origin of the automobile was found there. Irvine, who lives in Miami, Europe, and the Bahamas, recently stopped by The Barn to check on a car that he was storing there.

He was there to check on the condition of the vehicle. (It is none other than a Porsche 930.)

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