A Motorized Pop-Top Makes the Toyota Sienna a Sleek Camper Van.

The number of minivans on the market in America is decreasing, but those that remain are safer, more comfortable, more adaptable, and more efficient.

The Toyota Sienna is Gear Patrol's top pick after testing them all. The greatest overall package for the widest range of purchasers, it has a standard hybrid powertrain.

available all-wheel-drive, and many clever technologies.Even while the Sienna is great, it can always be better, especially for car camping.

Unicamp, a Nevada-based modification company, is turning our favorite minivan into a camper van with a motorized pop-top roof.

Unicamp's pop-top is much more sophisticated than VW Type 2 Westfalias'. First, it's powered. With electric motors, it opens and closes in five seconds with the push of a button on the van or Sienna's key fob. 

(If the thought of that heavy lid closing so quickly is unsettling, Unicamp says the lid features an obstacle detection system that will freeze the movement if it detects something in the way.)

You can manually open it if you prefer the hard way.Unicamp hasn't released any interior images of the Sienna camper van yet; the first are'shops based on Toyota's launch PR photos. 

However, the brand has photographs of its completed Kia Carnival camper van builds, which may hint toward the Toyota version.


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