6 Zodiac Signs That Stalk Their Ex

Every zodiac sign has an own personality and set of habits! This helps us comprehend our interactions with others.

Unfortunately, some relationships can become toxic, and some people may begin to stalk. Here is a list of stalker zodiac signs who end up pursuing their ex after a breakup.

Aries stalks their ex-partners, which is hard to believe. They are determined and passionate.

1. Arie

Cancerians feel deeply. If they feel distant from their lover, they disregard them when in love. Devoted, they make great mates.

2. Cancer

Leos are the symbol of boldness, creativity, and confidence. However, this sign also has a darker side, as they can be prone to being blatant stalkers. 

3. Leo

Scorpios are passionate, resourceful, and intriguing people who live on mystery and challenge. When they obtain what they want, they can be cruel and spiteful. 

4. Scorpio

Sagittarius is a strong-willed and ambitious sign, but it can also be nasty and resentful if it feels threatened or betrayed. 

5. Sagittariu

The most difficult part for them is accepting that their lover has moved on. These men and women are filled with passion and love.

6. Pisce


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