2024–2025 Top New Sedans.

A significant number of people have exaggerated the death of the automobile. Even though sedans are not as profitable as they once were, the body style continues to be an essential component of the lineups of many automakers. These four-door sedans are available in a wide range of configurations, including sports sedans that are focused on performance, family sedans that are practical, and luxury sedans that are extravagant. Whatever your requirements may be, there is a sedan that should be able to fulfill them.

2024–2025 Top New Sedans.

The editors of this publication put each of these four doors through our rigorous testing process to differentiate between the exceptional sedans and the just good ones. The best automobiles are not necessarily masters of all trades; rather, they are masters of the mission that is associated with their particular market. If we are conducting performance-related testing, for instance, we might place a greater emphasis on the outcomes of a sports sedan as opposed to a family sedan.

All of the sedans that made it onto our Editor’s Choice list are among the very best of their class. They have mastered the attributes that are essential to their purpose, while at the same time demonstrating skill in areas where their rivals are lacking.

Kia Rio.

2024–2025 Top New Sedans.

The Kia Rio is an excellent automobile that can be purchased at an affordable price. The Rio, which can be purchased in either a four-door sedan or a five-door hatchback configuration, provides a straightforward mode of transportation while achieving remarkable fuel efficiency in both the city and on the highway. A number of its former rivals, like the Chevrolet Sonic, Honda Fit, and Toyota Yaris, have been supplanted by larger and more expensive crossovers in recent years; nevertheless, the Rio has not been replaced by these larger and more expensive crossovers, and it is one of the best subcompact models that are still available on the market today.

There is a continuously variable automatic transmission that is connected to a 120-horsepower inline-four engine. Due to its lack of power, the Rio can become an urban legend for speeding citations; yet, it gets some respect for having a suspension that is appropriately tuned. As one of the most affordable automobiles now on the market, Rio’s standard equipment makes it an alluring option, and its low price makes it an obvious choice in the market for vehicles priced below twenty thousand dollars.

Nissan Versa

2024–2025 Top New Sedans.

Although Nissan has updated the Versa for the year 2023, the subcompact sedan continues to operate following its aim of delivering transportation that is both affordable and capable. The already gorgeous front end has been updated with a more flashy grille that features cascading silver trim pieces. Additionally, new wheels measuring 17 inches are offered as an optional upgrade to further enhance the appearance of the small car.

There is a four-cylinder engine that powers the Versa. Although its 122 horsepower is not going to win any stoplight drag races, this motor will provide great fuel economy when driven on the interstate. Not only does the Versa have an exceptionally smooth ride, but it also comes equipped with many cutting-edge safety systems, such as emergency braking. The interior of the 2023 model also has additional innovations, such as a larger touchscreen on the top-of-the-line SR trim and a wireless charging pad on the SV trim, which is the middle-tier trim.

In addition to having comfortable front seats, the cabin of the 2023 Nissan Versa is exceptionally well-appointed for the price point that it is offered at. The Versa is an attractive, economical, and thoroughly adequate daily commuter vehicle. Add to that its good driving characteristics and efficient engine, and you get a vehicle that is all of these things.

Honda Civic

2024–2025 Top New Sedans.

For several decades, the Honda Civic has provided buyers who are concerned about their finances with a little car that makes them feel intelligent for being thrifty. This legacy is carried on by the most recent generation, which includes the model that will be released in 2023. It goes even further by providing a nice interior trim and several features that were regarded as luxuries only a short time beforehand. You can choose between a four-cylinder engine, a continuously variable automatic (CVT), a six-speed manual transmission, and a sedan or hatchback body style.

Additionally, you have the option of selecting from a quartet of four-cylinder engines. The information and entertainment system is a touchscreen, and there is a comprehensive list of driver-aid functions included in every model. Additionally, there are more desirable choices available across the portfolio.

Even when compared to other competitors that are similarly well-respected, such as the Hyundai Elantra, the Mazda 3, and the Toyota Corolla, the Honda Civic is an obvious choice because of its mix of value, efficiency, amenities, and smooth driving characteristics. In a nutshell, it is an excellent automobile that is offered at an excellent price, which makes it an ideal candidate for our 10Best award.

Honda Civic Si

2024–2025 Top New Sedans.

The Honda Civic Si is a front-wheel-drive sport small vehicle that is not expensive and is a lot of fun to drive. It was designed with affordability and driving enthusiasts in mind, and it is a popular choice among those who enjoy driving. The Civic Si may only be purchased as a four-door sedan and is only available with a six-speed manual transmission. It is powered by a turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four engine that produces 200 horsepower and is identical to the standard Civic.

A cabin that is equipped with contemporary technology, such as wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, is highlighted by chairs made of black cloth with red stitching and accents that are Sport Injected (Si) throughout the interior. Although crossovers such as the Volkswagen Taos and the Hyundai Kona have rendered enjoyable compact cars such as the Golf and the Veloster obsolete, the Honda Civic Si continues to flourish as an amusing alternative to a world that is primarily occupied by the ordinary.

Even though it does not have as much horsepower as the Golf GTI hatchback, the fact that it has a lower starting price and comes with standard equipment makes it an alluring option that is worth investigating. We are pleased to include it on our list of the 10 best vehicles for 2023.

Hyundai Elantra N

2024–2025 Top New Sedans.

The Hyundai Elantra N can cut through curves and whip down straights with such a great deal of verve that it has managed to win us over even though its front-end appearance is a bit controversial and resembles an angry catfish. A standard six-speed manual transmission and a boisterous exhaust note that is artistically balanced between playful and annoying are two features that contribute to the vehicle’s fun-loving driving dynamics, which result in an even more exciting driving experience.

This racy aspect is carried over into the cabin, where it is reflected in the edgy dashboard, sharply bolstered sports seats, and N badges, all of which serve as reminders that this is not just any regular Elantra. If we needed any more reminders, of course. However, the Elantra N represents more than just a sporty automobile; it is also a four-door sedan that is large, comfortable, and useful. This sport compact sedan is a winner thanks in part to its adaptability, which it demonstrated in a recent comparison test pitted against two other competitors who are well-regarded in their respective fields.

Mazda 3

2024–2025 Top New Sedans.

Although it is priced similarly to other compact cars, the 2023 Mazda 3 aims to compete with more premium automobiles, and in many respects, it succeeds in doing so. The 3 may be purchased in either a sedan or a hatchback configuration, and both versions are equally as aesthetically pleasing and agile. There is a choice between two four-cylinder engines, one of which is a powerful turbocharger.

If you so like, you can even go for all-wheel drive, but doing so will require you to forego the fantastic six-speed manual transmission. Other compact vehicles, such as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Volkswagen Jetta, may appear to be more practical or have greater name recognition, but the Mazda 3 is designed for buyers who place a high value on having a satisfying driving experience and who are looking for superior interior materials in their tiny car.

Honda Accord

2024–2025 Top New Sedans.

Because of its roomy cabin, driver-friendly driving manners, and outstanding build quality, the Honda Accord has consistently distinguished itself as a favorite among Car and Driver readers, earning our 10Best award year after year. For the year 2023, it is awarded a 10Best award once more due to the astounding overall competency it possesses. As of the 2023 model year, the Honda Accord has been completely redesigned, and it features a sophisticated appearance that is possibly the most beautiful that has ever been applied to Honda’s venerable family car.

Because it is standard on all trim levels of the Accord, except for the two least costly ones, the hybrid engine has become an increasingly important component of the portfolio for this new generation. These two, the LX and the EX, are driven by the legendary 192-horsepower turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine that was carried over from the previous model. Additionally, they are only available with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). A new four-cylinder hybrid system that is largely identical to the one found in the CR-V and produces 204 horsepower is used to power all of the higher trim levels.

As a complement to the handsome exterior styling, the designers of the Accord have spruced up the cabin with design elements borrowed from the recently redesigned Civic, CR-V, and HR-V. These design elements include a honeycomb-pattern dash trim that conceals the air vents and a freestanding rectangular infotainment display that sprouts from the top of the instrument panel.

And while we’re on the subject of infotainment, the 2023 Honda Accord comes equipped with a plethora of upgraded technology, such as a brand new digital gauge display that comes standard and an infotainment screen that measures 12.3 inches and is equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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